Painted Kitchen Cabinets

My client had knotty pine country cabinets in her home.  Given that the rest of her home is decorated fairly contemporary, she wanted to go with a crisp clean white. 


She chose Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore.  I decided to try their top of the line Aura paint at $67 a gallon.  Pricey, I know!  I went with Aura based on the recommendation of the sales clerk because I wanted good coverage for the knotty pine.  Benjamin Moore is a great paint, but in my personal opinion I am not sure it was worth the extra money for the Aura paint if you are rolling or brushing the paint on.  It did not go on any different than the lesser expensive lines I have used in the past.  Coverage wise, I found it to be the same.  I still had a tough time covering the knots in the pine and had to use several coats.   That being said, it did spray significantly better than other paints I have used when using my spray gun for the cabinet doors.  It was also completely odorless which was great.  In terms of whether or not it actually is more durable then lesser expensive lines, time will tell.

If you decide to take on your cabinets yourself, take the time to do the prep. work.  It is the worst part of the project and nobody likes to do it, but in the end, you will be a lot happier.  Cabinets need to scrubbed with a degreaser to make sure there is no residue on them.  Then a light sand with a 220 grit sand paper. 

 I rolled the bases with a small fine roller and sprayed the cabinets doors.  For some reason, the front section of the cabinets did not come out as smooth as I wanted them (it happens!), so I sanded them lightly with a 220 grit (this will not take all the paint off) to smooth them out and then went over them again with a thin coat of paint.

When the cabinets are done, using caulking along any seams goes a long way to give the cabinets a nice finished look!  Notice the difference between where I used caulking on the right along then ceiling compared to the left?



We put new brushed nickel hinges and hardware on and they look great! My client is very happy with them and loves how it brightens her kitchen up!

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