38” Wide x 24”Deep

41” to Bar Top

Total Height: 88”


(3) 1x8x 41.5” L (Bar Top)

(2) 1×3.5”x41.5” L (Bar Top)

(4) 2x2x8 ($2ea) (Posts)

(2) Used Pallets (Free)

(6) Grass Skirts

Creating the outer frame:

Cut (4) pine boards 3” wide by 24” Long

Cut (4) pine boards 3” wide by 37” Long

Cut (4) Posts (2x2x8) to 78” long

Mark each of the posts 2” from the bottom.

Nail (1) 24” board to two posts on the lines

            Repeat for 2nd side

Nail (1) 37” board to front side of the frame

            Repeat for the back side

Mark each post to 39 ¼” on each post.

Nail the (2) 24” sides

Nail the (2) 37” front / Back rails

Rustic Wooden Flag - Southbrook Cottage


Cut down the free pallets and pry off each board to be used for the TIKI bar.

Cut (8) boards 38” long for the front of the bar.

Cut (16) boards 24” long for the left and right side of the bar.

Overlap the frames with a piece of pallet wood on the bottom of the bar and just under the pine top.

Bar Top:

Measure (4) Pine boards 41.5” Long

Place 1st board inside front posts, continue installing the pine until inside of back posts are touching the board.

Measure for the post cutouts of the front board, trip board to leave a 2” overhang.

Follow same procedure for back board leaving the same 2” overhang.


Cut (4) side boards 3” x 60”, cut 30° Angle on each end.

Cut (4) side rafters 2” x  24”, 30° Angle on 1 end, 26° angle on the other side

Cut (5) roof supports 2” x 37”

            Install (1) on each side of the roof, 2” back from ends

            Install (1) on each side approx. 12”

            Install (1) on the ridge of the roof.

Install a stop on each post 3” from the top of the post.

Cut burlap to cover the roof, then staple to roof supports

Staple grass skirting over the burlap to the roof supports, adjusting around to fill in the roof.

  Repeat for both sides of the roof.

Checkout these rustic boxes here, also made from pallet wood.

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